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CTA Study Skills Seminar 2019

“The more you understand, the less you have to remember”… Craig A. McCraw

Next Seminar Saturday 5th October 2019
9:30 am to 3.30 pm (1 hour for lunch)
 (Registration closing date 5th September 2019)


The skills for learning are at the very core of the educational process. Telling a student to study hard without teaching them the best methods or techniques to use is fruitless. The goal of Study Skills seminars is to equip students with the skills and motivation to achieve optimum results through precise study techniques. If students learn how to study, their confidence soars and their school/college results can improve dramatically. Students have to make their own condensed notes. They learn from MAKING them. A lot of thinking goes into deciding what to include and exclude in these notes. The student has to develop their own system of abbreviations and memory techniques for the information to be absorbed.

The earlier in the year that you develop these skills and implement them into your study routine the more effective they will be. This practical and interactive one day intensive seminar covers a wide range of skills including motivation, goal settingtime management, exam performancenote taking and memory techniques. The seminar is designed to help second & third level students (and indeed anyone studying for exams) achieve their full potential, by improving their study and organisational techniques and their motivation to succeed. The study strategies learnt can be used in university and further afield.

Studies have shown that the right skill set and the right motivation will lead to positive results! This seminar uses state of the art computer graphics, audience interaction and role play; it is ideal for all students but most particularly those in exam years.

Each student receives a booklet summarising the main points covered in the seminar.  They will also receive a Diary/Planner to assist with their organisational techniques during the school year.

Professionals specially trained in study techniques are selected because of their ability to motivate and communicate effectively with students. ‘Student Response Sheets’ make it clear that the skills learnt benefit them greatly with their studies.

Who should attend?

This seminar will interest second & third level students in exam years ( and indeed anyone studying for exams) who wish to improve their study technique in advance of their upcoming exams. This seminar will also interest anyone studying for exams or students in general who wish to learn how to effectively study and retain information.

Learning outcomes:

Some of the following topics will be covered in the seminar:

Students begin the course by completing a questionnaire to help identify areas which may be holding them back from achieving their full potential.

  • Goal Setting: Set realistic goals. Long, intermediate and short term goal charts.
  • Time Management: Students are shown how to construct a workable study/homework timetable to suit their personal needs.
  • Note Taking: By working through our sample exercise sheets, students are taught the basic skills of note taking, thereby saving hours of wasted study time! We will examine different styles of note taking (outline method, spider diagrams, mind mapping, graphic organisers, concept maps).
  • Memory Techniques: Simple ideas to improve one’s capacity to retain and store information and improve concentration.
  • Approaches to studying: Maths & Science subjects
  • Essay Writing: Shows excellent ways of improving one’s writing skills, concentrating on The Narrative Essay.
  • The three components: to learning a language
  • Exam Techniques: We show students how to prepare for and sit their exams and how to construct their revision planners. We point out common pitfalls and explain to them what the examiner is really looking for.
  • Effective Revision skills
  • Individual Learning Styles
  • Coping with stress
  • Health & Study

The fee for this course is €80. A deposit of €40 will secure a place, balance owing to be paid prior to the seminar start date.


*All of our seminars require a minimum of 20 registrants in order to take place. Whilst we expect to reach this minimum, in the event that there are not enough participants registered by the Sunday evening before the first day of the seminar, we reserve the right to cancel the seminar and process a full refund of fees paid to the student/parent/participant.

** CTA seminars are subject to demand. Places are limited therefore early booking is advisable. Registration for this seminar is not yet open; however for more information and/or to register your interest please contact us now on info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie. You can also book and pay online by clicking here

***Please be advised that whilst a ‘deposit paid’ secures your place onto a course/workshop/seminar, it does not guarantee admission to the course/workshop/seminar. In order to gain admission to any of our courses/workshops/seminars, fees need to be paid in full prior to the course/workshop/seminar start date. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with regard to this. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who has not paid the fees in full prior to the start date of the course/workshop/seminar. 

**** All registered Guidance Practitioners  and Study Skills experts will hold a minimum Post Graduate or Master’s Qualification in Career Guidance from an Irish or British University. They will also hold an Undergraduate Degree and most will also hold a Teaching Post Grad and have also passed the British Psychometric Society Level A Exam (BPS Level A)