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We aim to provide private tuition at the highest level and therefore we only offer classes and courses in subjects where we have a dedicated team of highly qualified, committed and experienced tutors to deliver results. The causes underlying ‘less-than satisfactory’ results can usually be simple, but difficult to diagnose in a large class room environment, hence the need for institutes such as Clonmel Tuition Academy.

Our approach is simple, but structured. We cherry-pick only the ‘cream of the crop’ in tutors, who will provide simple solutions to aid our students in their pursuit for academic excellence. At Clonmel Tuition Academy, our tutors are dedicated academic coaches, qualified and specialized in their own subjects who impart their knowledge and experience to assist in students’ learning needs. Approachable, caring and committed to teaching, our tutors are experienced both in academia and industry, qualified and fully vetted.

Once the minimum class size is met, schedules and courses can then be customized and the right tutors sourced.

Check out our current tutors’ profiles below:

Ms. Brid Whelan – Maths

Ms. Mary Gaynor (Wine Appreciation Expert)

Career Guidance & Educational Planning Expert

Study Skills Expert

Career Guidance & Educational Planning Expert

Body Language Expert

Career Guidance & Educational Planning Expert

International Business Etiquette Expert