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Thank you for choosing to pay online! This page is a secure payment page with an SSL certificate installed to encrypt your payment details. Please find our Quick Payment Form below. Please ensure that all details are entered correctly, as payment cannot be processed otherwise. Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email (if you do not receive it, it could be in your Spam Folder). 

*Note: By booking & paying online you automatically agree to Clonmel Tuition Academy’s Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct. Also please note that as per the new GDPR Laws now in effect, by registering your details online you are giving your consent for personal details to be held by Clonmel Tuition Academy.

**Please be advised that whilst a ‘deposit paid’ secures your place onto a course/seminar/workshop, it does not guarantee admission to the course/seminar/workshop. In order to gain admission to any of our courses/seminars/workshops, fees need to be paid in full prior to the course start date (safe for courses where there is a ‘staged payment’ option). The reason for this is mainly because for many of our courses the full ‘book of notes’ for the entire course is handed out at the first lesson/prior to the workshop/seminar start time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with regard to this. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who has not paid the course/seminar/workshop fees in full prior to the start date of the course (ie. the first lesson)

Secure Online Booking


Having Trouble with Your Payment?

If you have any issues with payment, please send an email to info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie with details of any error messages that appear on screen. Alternatively, you can call our office at Tel: 052-6154620  (or Mob: 087-1623258) and one of our administration staff will be happy to deal with your query.

Please note: If you receive the error message ‘Do Not Honor’, this is an error from your bank. Please get in touch with your bank to resolve this issue. You can contact the office for more information on any of the above points.