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CTA Terms & Conditions

At Clonmel Tuition Academy (CTA) we try to be as accommodating as possible to help students achieve their aims but we do have a few rules to help us run the Academy successfully:

1. Enrolment for all courses/programmes requires the completion and submission of the relevant booking forms. For all courses a completed enrolment form is required and a deposit is required to secure your booking. This deposit will be deducted from the final (/months’) payment.
2. Fees for tuition are payable in advance to ‘Clonmel Tuition Academy’, either in cash, by cheque, Paypal and Electronic Funds transfer. You can also now pay online for all courses at https://clonmeltuitionacademy.ie/booking-forms/. Each invoice must be paid on or before the first lesson of the month for grinds classes. For all other courses, full payment is required prior to the course start date. For the English as a Foreign language course and the Supervised Study programme staged payments must be made in advance of each month/term.
3. A minimum of one months’ notice is required to cancel enrolment of Grinds at any time during the year otherwise the deposit cannot be refunded. Cancellations should be evidenced in writing and we will provide written or emailed confirmation that we have received your cancellation request within one working day. We will provide a full refund for prepaid classes that are cancelled with the required notice. For the Supervised Study programmes one months notice in writing is required to opt out of the programme for a refund of remaining fees paid. For the Intensive Revision courses you can cancel your enrolment and get a full refund of fees up to 14 days before the Course start date.
4. We will allow for a student who pays for the full year in advance to attend grinds classes for three weeks after which if they feel this class is not suitable for them we will either transfer the remaining fees to a different class, if the student so wishes, or give a refund of remaining fees for the year.
5. For any of the 10 week language courses (Kids/Adults) and the Sign language course full payment is required prior to the start date of the course. For the English Language course there is the staged payment option. Unfortunately there will be no refunds for students who decide to opt out of any of these courses mid-course. This is due partly because of the costs involved in running the courses and also to be fair to the students already enrolled on the course and those on the wait list. Whilst these courses are designed to be fun and engaging, particularly the Kids classes, there is an academic element. If you feel you, or your child (as the case may be) might decide to opt out after a couple of lessons it might be best not to enrol on the course in the first instance.
6. Students paying monthly for Grinds and Supervised Study are automatically enrolled for the following month unless their parent/guardian cancels enrolment within the required notice period.
7. Where payment is made in full for the whole academic year, parents will be offered a 10% discount.
8. Full payment discount for Grinds (10%) is applicable if payment is made in the first two terms. That is, after the
second term, there will be no discount for full payment.
9. There will be a 5% discount for each of any siblings enrolled on our courses (outside of the Kids/Adult Language courses).
10. There is also a 5% discount for any additional courses on which a student enrols.
11.There will be a 10% sibling discount for each of any siblings enrolled on the Kids/Adult language courses.
12.There are 33 weeks in the academic year, however students may join Grind/Supervised study classes at any point during the
year (fees are adjusted accordingly)
13. Students, and those responsible for paying their fees, are liable for any damage they cause to Academy
equipment and the premises.
14. All absences should be reported by phone to the Academy manager 48 hours prior to class time. A homework assignment for the missed grind/language class will be issued to the student via email if a student does cancel/miss a lesson.
15. Students should aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start of their lesson. Any student who arrives late can only expect to be given the remainder of their lesson and not the full lesson time. Any student who is running late for a lesson should endeavour to call or text the Academy to give an estimated time of arrival. Each ‘grind’ class is 90 minutes’ duration.
16. No tuition refunds are given for any classes missed by the student. Classes missed by the Tutor will be rescheduled and prior notice given
17. Scheduled classes will always take place on the day and time and at the venue specified in the registration letter that accompanies these terms and conditions, unless a class is rearranged for a time that is mutually convenient to both tutor and student.
18. We strive to provide the best possible service. However, we will not be held accountable or responsible for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by the student. Although, we will do everything in our power to help grades and skill sets to improve, we can offer no guarantee thereto.
19. We are not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special, punitive or similar damages arising out of use of our tuition services, study programmes and workshops, or any errors or omissions in the content of our materials. You the parent/guardian and the student specifically waive any and all claims arising out of the use of this tuition service.
20. All materials we create in-house are copyright. You agree that you will not publish or distribute any portion of any materials without prior written permission from us. Clonmel Tuition Academy will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged personal items or injury to a person.
21. In the interests of the Student’s well-being whilst in the tutor’s care, the Academy must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the Student. A written note upon registration will suffice.
22. Students should be aware that they are attending a Clonmel Tuition Academy class/course/programme/workshop to study and learn and are therefore expected to behave maturely and responsibly at all times. Activity which could cause disturbance to other students or Academy staff will result in instant dismissal from the course/programmes. In such a case, no refund of fees will be made.
23. Terms and conditions come into effect upon enrolment.

We hope you will understand the reasons we need to have these terms and conditions. If you would like to discuss them or you have any other questions about how we operate please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel: 087-1623258 or email us at info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie.

Thank you!