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Ms. Babette Grolman-Conalty – German


An experienced and highly qualified tutor, Babette was born and bred in Germany, she has spent the best part of 25 years living in Ireland and England, and is fully fluent in both languages.

Having qualified with a Master’s degree in Applied Languages in Germany, Babette discovered her passion for teaching when she moved to Ireland to obtain qualifications in the Equestrian industry. She has since been teaching German, English and Horse Riding to children, teenagers and adults alike and thoroughly enjoys it. Babette has extensive experience giving grinds to Leaving Cert. and Junior Cert. students, as well as private and group German language classes, from complete beginner and casual learner to ambitious students who aim to improve their career prospects and want to attain a level of proficiency.

Babette takes pride in establishing a good working relationship with her students and listening to their concerns. Every grind and lesson is tailored to each person’s or group’s requirements. Her well-founded knowledge of the subject matter is an instant success with her students because of her ability to convey both simple and advanced language concepts.

Babette is a well-received tutor, acknowledged by her students and their parents.

Academic Achievements

  • German Master’s Degree in Applied Languages

Subject Expert

  • German – (oral, written & grammar)

Teaching Level:

• Primary
• Secondary
• Tertiary


  • More than 4 years of tutoring experience
  • Excellent rapport with students and parents
  • Clear explanation of German language concepts, including grammar
  • Ability to connect with students both collectively and on a one-to-one basis
  • Focus on individual needs

Insights of Teaching Style

Babette’s attitude to teaching is that learning should be fun in a relaxed atmosphere, where the individual needs of students are catered for, while guiding each one to reach their full potential, with the ultimate objective of a marked improvement in results.