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CTA Loyalty Programme


      EARN!!!       SAVE!!!            REDEEM!!!

3 Credits for every €1 spent!
(1 Credit = 1 Cent)

*CTA Loyalty Programme ‘Terms & Conditions’ apply!


Earn credits at point of purchase (Online/in-person, etc)


Retain your receipts to calculate the credits earned


Use your credits to purchase other CTA Products/Services!

What is the CTA Loyalty programme?

The CTA Loyalty programme rewards you for availing of our products/services. You can collect credits to put towards future purchases.

***(3 credits for every €1 spent with us!!)***

Collect 3 credits for every €1 you spend on any of our products or services in person or online. With one credit equal to one cent you’ll have enough credits to spend on more of our products/services in no time!

CTA Loyalty Programme frequently asked questions:

  • How do I earn the credits I’ve collected when purchasing with CTA?

Once you make a purchase at CTA (whether its online or in-person) you retain your receipt as proof of payment and also to enable you to calculate how many credits you have earned. The credits are awarded against actual monetary spend. Please note: if you pay for a product/service using a gift voucher which has been gifted to you, you cannot earn credits on the voucher. Only the purchaser of the voucher can accumulate credits.

  • How do I spend my credits?

You can spend your credits any time on any of our products and services and get that wonderful ‘I’ve paid with my credits’ feeling. You can use your credits as part payment for a CTA course/workshop/seminar. In 2019-2020 we hope to launch our new online store. This store will be of an educational nature; however, you will need the full amount of credits for the product you choose in the online store. For example, 199 credits will pay for a product priced at €1.99. The total price in credits will then be taken from your credit collection. You must have enough credits to cover the cost of the products you wish to purchase in the online store and the delivery charge (where applicable).

  • I have bought a product using my credits, am I still entitled to an exchange/refund?

Yes. Refunds in this respect only apply to products purchased in the online store. If you are returning a product, the credits used to purchase the product will be credited back to your collection. Thereafter, our usual refund policies apply to the product.

  • I have bought a product using my credits, do I still accumulate credits on this purchase?

If you use credits you have accumulated to use as part payment for a course/seminar/workshop you will only accumulate credits on the euro amount you spend once the credit value has been deducted and also any further applicable discounts. If you use credits towards full payment of any product in the online store you will not accumulate further credits with this purchase.

  • What is the Online store?

In 2019-2020 we hope to launch our very own online store where we will offer various merchandise, all of an educational nature. 

  • Is there an expiry date on the credits I accumulate?


  • What do you do with my data?

We do not share customer data. Please see our Privacy policy in relation to this!

  • I would like to be contacted more often by Clonmel Tuition Academy Loyalty Programme

If you register your email address with us we may contact you from time to time by email with relevant offers; you can do this by emailing us at: info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie. However, you will always have the option to opt out of such communications.

General CTA Loyalty programme Terms & Conditions:

  1. The CTA loyalty programme is operated by; Clonmel Tuition Academy, No. 38 Gladstone street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
  2. To get the latest ‘Terms & Conditions’ or for general enquiries please call our office on Tel:052-6154620 or write to: CTA, No. 38 Gladstone Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Alternatively email us at: info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie
  3. CTA reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or alter the programme, including these ‘Terms & Conditions’, at any time.
  4. The CTA Loyalty programme is for personal use only; business use is strictly prohibited and constitutes abuse. CTA reserves the right, at point of purchase or retrospectively, to determine whether a transaction constitutes business usage.
  5. CTA can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending credits accrued, if we have reason to believe you are abusing the programme or associated offers.
  6. To benefit from the CTA Loyalty programme you must be aged 13 years or over. We will not communicate with a customer until an appropriate age of consent is reached.

Data protection:

  1. CTA is committed to protecting your privacy. We will always keep your personal information safe, we will never sell it to third parties and we will only send you marketing material if you have agreed that we can do so. Please refer to our privacy policy for full details of how and why we use your personal information.

Collecting CTA credits:

  1. You will collect three CTA Loyalty programme credits for every €1 you spend on qualifying purchases; the number of credits collected may vary. You will need to provide the validated receipt to be able to collect/accumulate your credits.
  2. Credits are only available on gift vouchers to the purchaser (and not the end user) – (except during special promotional events).
  3. During CTA events, both in-person and online, existing credits promotions will not be multiplied
  4. In the Online Store, CTA Loyalty programme credits promotions may not be available on all products/merchandise or may vary. Check individual promotion details.
  5. CTA reserves the right to withdraw CTA credits promotions/offers without notice.

Spending CTA credits:

  1. One credit is worth one cent to spend on products/services (including in the online store) in person and online at www.clonmeltuitionacademy.ie. We will not exchange CTA credits for cash and the offer is non-transferable.
  2. You must have enough CTA credits to cover the cost of the product/merchandise in the ‘online store’; you cannot make a part payment of credits towards a product or service purchased in the ‘online store’ (this does not apply to courses/workshops/seminars purchased online or otherwise)
  3. CTA reserves the right to ask for identification such as driving licence, etc when redeeming credits; (ie. CTA Wine Appreciation Course)
  4. You will not qualify for CTA Loyalty programme credits, offers or discounts that are related to any other scheme offers/benefits, products or services when you pay with credits.
  5. We reserve the right to substitute or remove products and services available for CTA Loyalty programme credits collection and redemption in person and online without notice.
  6. Spending credits may be subject to availability in person or online

Returning goods:

  1. If you return a product for a refund, we will deduct the number of CTA Loyalty programme credits collected from your CTA purchases.
  2. If a product you buy with CTA Loyalty Programme credits is faulty, please return it to us. If necessary, we will credit your account with the correct number of credits. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances.