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In-house Corporate training – Languages


Language training is at the centre of CTA ‘s Corporate Languages’ mission. We understand the importance of foreign language skills in today’s world, and we recognize how mastery of a foreign language can be critical for career advancement.

As global competition increases, particularly post-Brexit, organisations can no longer rely on English as the Lingua franca/common language of business but need to be prepared to invest in the foreign language skills of their employees. International customers prefer to do business in their own language and a multi-lingual workforce will give you that competitive edge.

CTA currently delivers language training for businesses with ‘global reach’ in the following four languages:

  • English – General/Business
  • German – General / Business
  • French – General / Business
  • Spanish – General / Business

We deliver focused, customised in-house corporate training programmes which ensure that training is designed around your needs and tailored to fit your business.

Why employee language training is good for business:

  • Personal and professional development – employee appreciation and the most desired employee benefit. Keeps employees motivated.
  • Productivity through team building – intercultural competence and team building
  • Compete globally – expand and grow the business into new markets.

Specialised Language courses:

With CTA specialised courses you can customise your language training programme with content that relates to a specific industry, department, or jobrole. We can create custom learning units based on internal news, projects, and documentation from your company.  Specialised courses enable you to learn from highly relevant content that is directly applicable to your daily tasks and responsibilities, with custom vocabulary, topical discussions and highly-realistic role plays.

Learning with a teacher face to face is better than any app or language learning software. It enables you to practice speaking and get instant feedback. You can organise lessons around meetings and organise an individual learning plan which highlights individual and company goals.


  • 24/7 flexibility
  • Qualified/experienced/native teachers
  • Structured curriculum

All CTA language training programs are led by qualified, certified and experienced language instructors, and our curricula are designed to develop effective speaking, reading, and communication skills in the target language.

Group language training is our most popular option, and is highly recommended for beginning language students. Our standard program — based on studies on language retention in adult learners — consists of two classes per week, with 2 hours of training and practice in each session. Classes run for three or six months, the equivalent of four or two terms annually. All learning materials, including the class syllabus, textbooks, and supplementary resources, are provided by CTA Language dept.

For international companies, CTA adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, a six-rung internationally accepted scale for measuring student performance. Regular assessments are useful for your team to monitor and record employee achievement during the course of their CTA Language training program. The CTA team of instructors and support staff also use these metrics to continually improve their teaching and service strategies.

No matter the size of your group or your specific language training needs, CTA Language School is equipped to support your business through language education for your valued employees. To learn more about our many training options and design a custom program to achieve your company’s goals, contact CTA Language dept.  today at info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ieor Tel: 052-6154620.

Thank you!