/Career Guidance & Educational Planning Workshop (3rd yr & TY)
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Career Guidance & Educational Planning (3rd yr & TY)

‘The future depends on what you do today”….Mahatma Gandhi

Next Workshop: Saturday 4th May 2019
(Half day workshop + 40min individual consult + pre-workshop psychometric testing)
 (Registration Closing date 4th April 2019)

CAREER GUIDANCE & EDUCATIONAL PLANNING WORKSHOP 2019 (3rd yr & Transition yr Students Only)

Are you in Transition Year and want to choose your Leaving Certificate Subjects for 5th Year?

Students at Junior Cert. and Transition Year levels normally select their Leaving Certificate Subjects during the Spring term before 5th Year. The range of courses and colleges available can be overwhelming to young students. Clonmel Tuition Academy works closely in partnership with CareerGuidance.ie to run focused Career Guidance workshops throughout the academic year for 3rd yr/ TY/5th & 6th Year students. These Career Guidance workshops help you navigate your way through the maze of course options and requirements, and also help you match your goals with appropriate 3rd level courses:

– Tap into your natural intelligence
– Use these skills in subjects and a career you love, identified by the Career Assessment System
– Plan the development of your career in terms of further training and education

CTA career workshops aim to support young people in exploring their career options and making informed decisions about subject choices, higher education, alternative pathways and future employment. Interestingly one Higher Education Authority study shows that almost one-in-six students drop out of all third-level courses before 2nd Year. To this end it is essential that students receive appropriate career guidance as early on in the process as is possible before they set out on a career pathway.

With such high drop-out rates, it is important that a student has as much information as possible, before making that final decision. This is a critical choice, and students who have made poor subject choices at this stage, often find that many college options are closed to them at a later stage. Students must be mindful of such things as subject entry requirements for 3rd level, and must also carefully consider the subjects they need to support their future 3rd level studies.

CTA Career Guidance workshops place great emphasis on the significance of choosing Senior Cycle Subjects, and highly recommend that all students making Senior Cycle Choices take advice and guidance at an early stage. Our assessment is based around the principles of matching a student’s Interests and Abilities.

In line with the workshops, CTA offers psychometric profiling designed to identify the students abilities, aptitudes, personality traits, interests and values. These assessments can be completed online prior to the workshop and each takes about 15 minutes to complete. This information is vital in determining the right path forward for the student and furthermore aids the student in achieving a higher degree of self-awareness and understanding thus enabling them to make the right choices when deciding on a career, either further education or employment. All of the assessments can be completed in the students’ own time, online and are assessed by CTA Career Guidance experts. The results will be made available prior to the workshop, thus maximising the time spent at the workshop!

In Partnership with:

CTA workshops aim to offer guidance in the following:

  • Plan your Transition Year
  • Discover your talents and strengths
  • Discover your learning style
  • Discover work environments which would be must compatible with your personality
  • Discover which school subjects would be most useful to you in terms of your career choice and in so doing choose your Leaving Certificate subjects
  • Discover information on courses which would most suit you and your chosen career path
  • Improve your study skills and exam techniques
  • Provide detailed feedback on the results of your assessments.

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*Source: Central Applications Office 

NEXT WORKSHOP: 4th May 2019 – 3rd Yr & TY Students! Limited places only! Registration Closing date 4th April 2019! Click here to download a registration form.

These workshops are subject to demand and places are limited. Register your interest today by emailing the Academy at info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie to avoid disappointment!

****Please be advised that whilst a ‘deposit paid’ secures your place onto a course/workshop/seminar, it does not guarantee admission to the course/workshop/seminar. In order to gain admission to any of our courses/workshops/seminars, fees need to be paid in full prior to the course/workshop/seminar start date. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with regard to this. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who has not paid the fees in full prior to the start date of the course/workshop/seminar. 

* All registered Guidance Practitioners will hold a minimum Post Graduate or Master’s Qualification in Career Guidance from an Irish or British University. They will also hold an Undergraduate Degree and most will also hold a Teaching Post Grad and have also passed the British Psychometric Society Level A Exam (BPS Level A)