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Kids Beginners Language Classes

Clonmel Tuition Academy language classes for children are designed to feel natural and engaging to a child’s imagination. CTA employs an interactive teaching method which encourages your child to immerse themselves in the target language learning process, right away. By utilizing games and engaging in role-plays, your child is encouraged to speak and express themselves in the target language in a fun and meaningful way. Recent studies have shown that children prefer to watch animations over real-life footage and that small children have a tendency to believe that all objects are alive which is why the classes incorporate play and storytelling into the language learning process through videos and songs; this method encourages your child to start speaking the language and therefore presents your child with the tools to begin their journey to understanding a new language.

At CTA we try to boost your child’s confidence in the target language with each lesson. Imagination and repetition captures a child’s interest in learning and development. By simplifying the lessons and creating a fun learning environment, your child will soon begin the organic process of learning, which will allow them to speak, understand, and identify with the new language, quickly and naturally. The process of introducing your child to common words and phrases in the target language, bestows the skills necessary to foster your child’s cognitive development. Clonmel Tuition Academy is currently offering language classes for kids in the following languages (click on the links below for more information):