/Ms. Maryanne Whelan – French & Spanish / Marketing
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Ms. Maryanne Whelan – French & Spanish /Marketing

With an outstanding academic portfolio, (a UCD graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in French, Spanish & Linguistics), her past teaching/mentoring experiences have helped her to impart her knowledge as well as to help students understand the complex structures of French and Spanish grammar thus enabling them to achieve significant improvement in their results.

Currently a member of the French and Spanish Teachers’ Associations of Ireland, Maryanne has a proven track record in coaching students to a higher French & Spanish proficiency and has taught a myriad of students, from Primary and Secondary pupils to working adults. Maryanne is very familiar with the current Junior & Leaving Certificate syllabuses and as such, in addition to helping students to expand their repertoire of language skills, (including vocabulary, grammar and creative writing), she tends to focus on examination skills as well.

Maryanne is an advocate of fostering an ‘independent thinking and learning’ spirit in her students. She manages her class well and motivates her students to remain focused during lessons. A well-received tutor, acknowledged by her students and their parents.

Academic Achievements

• Bachelors Degree French, Spanish & Linguistics
• Masters Degree International Marketing & French
• Diploma in Digital Marketing
• Graduate member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII)
• Certified with the Chartered Institute Marketing (CIM), UK

Subject Expert

• French
• Spanish
• Marketing, Communications & Business

Teaching Level:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Industry


• More than 20 years of tutoring & mentoring experience
• Strong rapport with students and parents
• Clear explanation of grammatical structures
• Able to sustain interest in students
• Able to simplify difficult concepts using real-world examples

Insights of Teaching Style

This teacher believes that no academic difficulty is insurmountable if the student is willing to learn and the educator willing to impart. Based on her firm academic foundation, she develops a unique teaching method to help foster independent thinking and learning spirit among her students.