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Customised ‘in-house’ corporate training


The ability to educate a workforce and immediately transfer that knowledge into action is the ultimate competitive advantage!

Unlock the potential of your work force. The most successful global companies prefer face-to-face training. The most successful organisations prioritise developing and retaining a high-performing workforce. Corporate training with CTA can help boost confidence, increase retention rates and enable your staff to deliver more value to the business. This form of  training is a high-impact form of learning and development. It is one of the most effective tools for improving processes, boosting morale and developing your team’s potential. We deliver focused, customised in-house corporate training programmes that ensure the training is designed around your needs and tailored to fit your business.

From the outset we work closely with you and your organisation to ensure that your overall objectives are achieved. Our Custom Program creation process is a highly collaborative one. We work with our clients as co-development partners throughout the process. CTA pilots the pedagogical content and methodology to ensure that the targeted business objectives are met. We co-create the program and work closely with you not only in the design and delivery phases, but also in assessing the effectiveness of the program.During all the delivery phase, CTA ensures that your objectives are met, and helps the participants apply the key learning points in the workplace to facilitate the transformation process.

CTA delivers corporate training programmes in the following areas:

You choose the dates and venue, CTA delivers the training; at a time and in a manner that suits the availability of the participants and also minimises any disruption to your organisation. We can create custom learning units based on internal news, projects, and documentation from your company.  Specialised courses enable you to learn from highly relevant content that is directly applicable to your daily tasks and responsibilities.


  • Our prices vary depending on the complexity of a project or the time required to prepare and deliver a programme.
  • We set executive coaching fees based on the length and format of the engagement.
  • We price keynotes and meeting facilitation by the event and consulting projects by project stage.
  • Transparency is a cornerstone pf our philosophy. We will always tell you how we calculate what we charge.

Onsite training pricing schedule:

  • Onsite training is training delivered to a group at your location.
  • Courses are priced per group and per block, not per person or hour.
  • Fees charged for onsite training do not include facilities or catering services.
    (All prices are quoted in euros)

From time to time our fees include the facilitators travel. Please contact us about your locations.  All learning materials, including the programme syllabus, textbooks, and supplementary resources, are provided by Clonmel Tuition Academy.

No matter the size of your group or your specific training needs, Clonmel Tuition Academy is equipped to support your business through education for your valued employees. To learn more about our many training options and to design a custom program to achieve your company’s goals, contact us today at info@clonmeltuitionacademy.ie or Tel: 052-615 4620

Thank you!