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Second Level Tuition

At Clonmel Tuition Academy we offer private tuition/’grinds’ in various second level subjects for both Junior and Leaving certificate students.

Individual Tuition (1hr:20 mins)

Individual (one-to-one) tuition is very much focused on the student’s needs. This option is suitable for students of all ages and ability. Material is specifically tailored for each individual. Only a limited number of spaces available for one-to-one tuition so parents are encouraged to book well in advance. See Fee Schedule for tuition fees.

Group Tuition (1hr:20 mins)

‘Grind’ classes do not replace or interfere with regular school work, but rather supplement and enhance school learning. Notes on each topic are provided and all study material is of exam standard. Classes are small (up to 8 students max.) and individual student attention is a priority. Student attendance is monitored and absenteeism is queried. The fee for group classes is outlined in the Fee Schedule.