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German Language

English, French and German are the three official working languages of the European Union. On a global scale German is used by relatively few people. However, in absolute numbers, German is the second most-spoken language on the continent of Europe. There are good reasons why this language is a good investment, especially in terms of economic opportunity, Germany having one of the strongest economies in Europe where most companies require at least some basic knowledge or proficiency in the German language. If you are an English speaker, you are actually already quite advantaged. This is because German and English share the same Germanic root. German is also very important in the academic community. In fact, it ranks second as the most commonly used scientific language. One of the reasons for this is that the German book market is the third largest in the world, right after the Chinese and English publishing industries. Since the percentage of these books that are being translated into other languages is fairly limited, only a knowledge of German will give you access to them. Germany’s universities also have an excellent international reputation.

Germany is an economic powerhouse being the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest worldwide. It is home to numerous international corporations and on the front line of new technologies. Germany is home to a large number of economic global players such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Adidas and Lufthansa who are all globally recognized brands and corporations. The country also hosts some of the biggest international trade fairs including CeBIT, the world’s largest exhibition for information technology, as well as the IFA trade fair for consumer electronics. Meanwhile the German capital Berlin is turning into a hub for innovative start-ups. Some go so far as to dub it “the Silicon Valley of Europe.” As a consequence, knowing German therefore has the potential to greatly enhance your career opportunities.

For centuries the language served as a lingua franca in large parts of the European continent. It continues to serve this purpose as an important second language in central and eastern Europe. In the English-speaking world, German is also the third most taught foreign language. In addition to that it comes in at tenth place as one of the major languages of the world.  German is the language of the famous written works of Goethe, Kafka, Brecht and Mann. It was the native language of composers Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Beethoven and Wagner. Revolutionary philosophy poured onto the pages in German when pens were first lifted by Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. Learning German gives you the opportunity to appreciate the masterpieces of these artists in their original form.

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