/Easter Revision Course – LC Accounting (HL)
Easter Revision Course – LC Accounting (HL) 2018-09-28T23:35:53+00:00

LC Accounting (HL) – Christmas & Easter Revision Course Outline:


  • Explanation of the paper: Layout/Structure/Marking Scheme/Time Management
  • Study Techniques – Where to focus
  • Themes from the last 10 years papers
  • Worked out examples
  • Where Students typically lose points
  • How to gain points at HL level
  • Predictions for the upcoming exams

Focused areas:

  1. Sole Trader (Q1)
  2. Company Final Accounts (Q1)
  3. Interpretation of Accounts/Ratios (Q5)
  4. -Club Accounts (Q6/7)
    -Cash Flow Statements (Q6/7)
    -Tabular (Q6/7)
  5. Marginal Costing (Q8)
    -Job costing
  6. Cash Budget (Q9)