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Ms. Jennifer Coote – English


Jennifer is an experienced tutor with an impressive academic record, excelling in English and History throughout her education. Having studied English and History at undergraduate level at University College Cork, receiving Honours grades. She went on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Education combining theoretical lessons and practical teaching experience. She has spent the last five years teaching and focusing on various aspects of education including adult education. Jennifer also recently completed a Training, Delivery and Evaluation course and a Training Needs Analysis course receiving distinction grades.

Jennifer is a patient, dedicated and energetic teacher whose primary focus is on engaging students and encouraging active learning.

Academic Achievements

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and History
  • Postgraduate diploma in Education
  • Training, Delivery and Evaluation cert
  • Training Needs Analysis and Design cert


Subject Expert

• English
• History

Teaching Level:

• Primary
• Secondary
• Adult Education


  • More than 5 years teaching experience
  • Extensive knowledge of and vast experience with both the Junior & Leaving Cert. syllabus
  • Engages students in the learning process
  • Makes theory relatable to students
  • Uses a wide variety of teaching strategies
  • Able to simplify difficult concepts and theories using real-world examples
  • First-hand experience in media and drama which is applied to the English curriculum to bring texts to life.

Insights of Teaching Style

Jennifer aims to make theory more practical and relatable to students by applying it to the everyday. By breaking down theory into easy to understand pieces, she enables students to understand even the more difficult concepts.