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Ms. Ciara Walsh – Irish

Ciara is an experienced tutor with an impressive academic record, obtaining excellent results in Irish throughout the course of her education.  She completed her honours Degree in Commerce International with Irish in University College Cork.

Ciara is a dynamic and energetic teacher who captures students’ attention well and is able to spur them to excel in Irish. Her strong knowledge in the subject area is an instant success with her students because of her clear explanations and helpfulness. Ciara has corrected for the State Examinations Commission for the last 3 years and has also examined the Irish Orals for the past 4 years for the SEC.

Ciara is a well-received tutor, acknowledged by her students and their parents.

Academic Achievements

  • BComm Ir from UCC
  • PGDE Trinity College Dublin

Subject Expert

• Irish
• Business

Teaching Level:

• Secondary


  • More than 8 years teaching experience
  • Strong rapport with students and parents
  • Clear explanation of grammar concepts
  • Dynamic
  • Several years experience as State Examiner for the State Examination Commission

Insights of Teaching Style

This teacher believes that no academic difficulty is insurmountable if the student is willing to learn and the educator willing to impart. Based on her firm academic foundation, she develops a unique teaching method to help foster independent thinking and learning spirit among her students and invoke a love of the the subject.