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Mr. Karol McGuirk – Irish Sign Language

Karol is a highly experienced Irish Sign Language tutor. Having qualified with a Diploma in Deaf Studies – Irish Sign Language teaching from Trinity College Dublin, Karol has worked in this area for the last 11 years. Not only has he experience in classroom tutoring, he is also skilled in teaching families of newly diagnosed Deaf child / children in their own homes. He is well received by his students and his classes boast of fun yet informative learning.

Not only does Karol teach ISL, he is an examiner up to QQI level 4 in ISL. He also provides Deaf Awareness training for private schools and companies when requested.

Karol is also heavily and passionately involved in the Mid-West Deaf Community and has worked for many years as manager of the Mid West Deaf Association and Deaf Community Centre in Limerick. He was actively involved in the recent campaign to recognise ISL as an official language of Ireland which was signed into law on Christmas Eve 2017 by President Michael D. Higgins.

Karol is a well-received tutor, acknowledged by his students and their parents.

Academic Achievements

•Diploma in Irish Sign Language Teaching

Subject Expert

• Irish Sign Language
• Deaf Awareness

Teaching Level:

  • ISL Basic Level 1-2
  • ISL QQI Level 3
  • ISL QQI Level 4


  • Over a decade of experience in teaching ISL
  • Ability to make classes fun and enjoyable while still providing valuable insight into the Deaf Community.
  • Great rapport with students in a classroom setting and with families in their own homes.


Insights of Teaching Style

This teacher believes that no academic difficulty is insurmountable if the student is willing to learn and the educator willing to impart. Based on his firm academic foundation, he has developed a unique teaching method to help foster independent thinking and learning spirit among his students.